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Project Production FAQs

How do I choose a prevention topic?
Projects can be completed on a variety of topics that are relevant and important to adolescents. These include: alcohol, drugs, body image, teen sexual health, bullying, parenting, dating violence, depression & suicide, and tobacco. 

More information about these topics can be found on the Illinois Youth Survey Report. There are many charts and visuals that display how students in Coles, Clark, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, and Shelby counties responded to health survey questions. 

Do I have to be artistic in order to participate?
No! If you have a passion for helping others and promoting healthy behaviors, your ideas will turn into something wonderful!

What types of art forms may I use?
Students may choose to do a project using visual arts or creative writing. We encourage students to think ‘outside of the box’ when brainstorming for the best way to promote their prevention messages.

Where do I find the materials, objects, or technology needed for my project?
Body Electric will provide all approved materials and supplies for your project. Common items requested by students include: paints, canvas, brushes, colored pencils, etc.

Are there things I cannot display in my project?
Materials cannot include or show drug paraphernalia or methods of drug use that might show someone how to acquire or use drugs. Since it is unacceptable for those under 21 to consume alcohol, it is not permissible to promote having a designated driver. Projects also cannot show recovering addicts or alcoholics as role models, because although this may be useful in intervention, it is not effective prevention.   

Can I use pictures or music from the internet when creating my project?
No. All elements of a project must be original.  This includes graphics, music, lyrics, stories, poems, etc. No part of the project can be copied or downloaded from another source such as YouTube, reddit, Facebook, or Instagram, unless the student artist is the creator of the material.

Do I have to fill out a permission form in order to participate in Body Electric? 
Yes! A permission form is filled out by students and parents to ensure that everyone is informed about the guidelines for the program. Upon the return of the permission form, students may begin planning and creating their projects.

How long do I have in order to complete the project and artist statement?
Body Electric program coordinators will be working with you for 6 weeks to ensure project completion. This provides sufficient time to return a permission form, complete a planning form, and create your project. The artist statement is completed toward the end of project production and is simply a short paragraph describing the purpose for your project.

Who will see my completed project?
Projects will be toured throughout local schools and community buildings for students, parents, and the general public to view.