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Since 2012, Body Electric staff, with the cooperation of local school personnel, has biennially administered the Illinois Youth survey to adolescent students in 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade. The survey is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Resources, and its purpose is to collect information about a variety of health and social indicators of Illinois youth. Survey procedures have been designed to protect student privacy through anonymous participation, and responses cannot be linked to individual students in any report or analysis of data.

After the survey is taken, local reports are made available from the University of Illinois Center for Research & Development. These reports are then used by school administrators, teachers, prevention professionals, and community members as they work to address substance abuse issues in their communities.

View the 2018 Infographic Report
                 2018 Community Report
                 2018 Additional Questions Report - Middle School
                 2018 Additional Questions Report - High School

If you have would like additional information about the Illinois Youth Survey, click on our FAQS tab or visit the Illinois Youth Survey website.